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Our community is a special place to participate, share and grow. Pursue your passions, stimulate your mind, join a club or volunteer. Be prepared to have fun with friendly neighbors. When you’re inclined, the Fort Dodge community looks forward to your experience and insights. Our beautifully landscaped 60 acres of residences, community and health venues provide a tranquil setting within minutes of the conveniences and activity of Fort Dodge. Stroll down one of our many footpaths, through vibrant gardens and shady groves.


Around the Coffee Table Blog

Keeping Up With The Wellness Dimensions: Vocational Wellness

As outlined in the previous few blog posts, all dimensions of wellness have just as much impact as the others, and are all equally important to one’s well-being. Tomorrow, think about going to a 30 minute exercise class and pull together all the different dimensions. You incorporate the physical wellness of keeping the body moving […]

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The Benefits of Fresh Produce

​October is fast approaching, thus fresh apples, squash and pumpkin spice are abundant in Iowa! Apples have many positive nutritional benefits. Starting off, a medium sized apple is less than 100 calories, but is packed full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Apples make a great addition to breakfast, lunch or a mid-afternoon snack. Pairing apples with […]

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A Keen Eye

The twelve individuals who make up Friendship Haven’s Board of Directors come with various backgrounds, careers and personalities, allowing each of them to bring a valuable perspective to the table. Together, the board has made impactful decisions to continuously keep Friendship Haven moving forward and up. Without these unique insights, we could potentially be missing […]

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