Yoga and You

Yoga and You

Although yoga may not always be an option that comes to mind when thinking about exercising, the benefits may convince you otherwise!

Why should you try yoga?

Yoga incorporates physical activity, breathing and meditation into a daily practice. These factors go hand in hand with reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression and stress.

How will yoga reduce health risks?

Gently stretching and deep breathing can help lower blood pressure.

Meditation and the gentleness of some yoga practices can quiet the nervous system and ease stress.

A variety of yoga postures helps release energy and awakens the body. Upon final relaxation (savasana), the body will relax and stay in a meditative state of mind easier when the body is open to it.

Other health benefits of yoga

– Improved sleep

– Posture correction

– Increased flexibility

– Confidence in YOU

– Greater mindfulness of one’s well-being

Is yoga for you?

No matter the ability and age of the participant, yoga is for everyone. Many doctors incorporate yoga in rehabilitation to help the process of cardiovascular recovery and disease prevention. There are options of chair yoga, restorative yoga using props, and intense, hot yoga.

Yoga at Friendship Haven

We offer two, fun options of yoga, which are open to the public. The chair yoga class incorporates more stretching and movement without having to get down to the floor, while also working on balance and coordination. Our gentle, vinyasa yoga class can help you stretch and move in a comfortable way. Feel free to try them out, even if you’re hesitant or haven’t tried yoga before.

Posted on May 5, 2017
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