Community Classes

Community Classes

You don’t need to be a resident of Friendship Haven to take advantage of this awesome wellness opportunity! Community memberships are available for individuals 55 and over to enjoy a comfortable, safe, and clean environment to work out and enjoy the friendships and memories made!


$7 drop-in per class

$50 per month for unlimited classes (see class calendar)

$60 per month for full individual membership

$100 per month for full couple’s membership

Community Class Schedule

Please contact the Wellness Team to sign up by either calling 515-573-6270 or emailing

Please note that class schedules may change from month to month.

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Visit our Facebook page for more great information and how you can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle with the support of our Wellness Team.

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 Don’t just take it from us – hear what your friends are saying!

“ I have two total hips done and impaired circulation in my right leg. The last time I went to the Dr. for my leg, he was surprised. He asked me what I had been doing. The pulse was louder and more forceful in my right foot. I told him that I have been attending your water aerobics class and am riding a stationary bike. He said to keep it up because it is working!!”

“ I broke my humerus pretty badly over a year ago and aquaaerobics has helped my arm strength a lot!” I love this class because the instructors are fun, the water is warm & facility is beautiful!

“I learned of Friendship Haven’s community classes from a newspaper ad during the beginning of October.  I thought it sounded like a great opportunity to prepare for an upcoming Total Knee Replacement.  I used the spa and the pool to do preparatory exercises to increase my flexibility and strength with less stress on my joints.  I had a TKR on Nov 24th. My Physical Therapist was amazed at how far advanced my recuperation was on my first post op therapy visit on Dec 7th. She rated me as performing at a 4 to 5 week level of therapy measurements on day one.  She was amazed that I walked in without a walker, cane or even a detectable limp.  I realized that I’m young for a Total Knee Replacement at age 55, but the ease of my Post Op Physical Therapy was worth every moment of preparation.”

“Classes may not work miracles but the AFAP class has helped me avoid knee replacements for over 3 years.”

“Friendship Haven’s community classes lets you meet and workout with other people who encourage you to keep going and doing the best you can.  Any amount you can do in any of the classes will keep you moving better and make you a happier person.”

For more information please visit our Facebook page: or contact the Wellness Team at 515-573-6270 or

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