Visionary Leadership at Work in Friendship Haven

Visionary Leadership at Work in Friendship Haven

When Phil Gunderson was called upon to fill the role as Board Chair, the decision came easy. With almost 20 years of Friendship Haven Board experience spanning over three decades, Phil was the natural fit. Joining the Board in the mid-90’s, Phil served until 2000. After taking a brief break, he was again called to the Board in 2008. “I have very much enjoyed my second term on this Board,” explained Phil. “We have an outstanding executive committee and visionary leadership with Julie and her entire team. I am honored to follow in the footsteps of such positive influences like Bruce Vandergriff, Doug Spencer and Bruce Shimkat.” Although this new role wasn’t what Phil had planned when coming back to the Board, he is honored and thrilled all the same. “I feel I have an obligation to Julie, the Board and the residents to be the best possible advocate I can be for Friendship Haven. I will serve to the best of my ability and embrace this journey.”

Being a local business owner to Gunderson Funeral Home for many years, Phil looks at Friendship Haven as a true asset to this community. He is certain Friendship Haven serves residents and employees with an unwavering commitment to superior service, safety, and amenities, while upholding the values and mission the leadership team heavily looks to for guidance and direction. “Fort Dodge is our home, and I believe there are a lot of great people doing great things within this community,” stated Phil. “I look at Friendship Haven and those who serve the residents much the same way. I am honored to just be a part of this great community and place.”

Much like the pieces of a puzzle, Phil believes the Friendship Haven Board is just a small part of a much larger picture. “Our Board sets policies to give direction,” said Phil. “We must always promote the mission of Friendship Haven, support Julie in carrying out that mission, listen to residents, and bring a level of care and service that makes Friendship Haven a true home to our residents now and in the future.” Phil knows he can speak for the entire Board in that regard.

Phil knows 2017 will be an exciting year for Friendship Haven with the completion of the new Memory Support Center slated for May and Bloomers Too and the Blue Lemon Boutique both recently opened. “The Memory Support Center has been a dream in the making for quite some time. We are thrilled to have the abilities to serve those who so truly need it,” said Phil. The Board and executive employee team recently spent a day holding strategic planning sessions, and Phil is excited to see what comes out of the plans generated within that day. “There are such positive moves being made, and I believe it to be an exciting time.”

Posted on March 3, 2017
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