Unveiling A New Look

Unveiling A New Look

Over the last ten days, Friendship Haven has unveiled a new look across campus, and it has been generating all sorts of excitement from neighborhood to neighborhood, and employee to employee.

In addition to the growth of a new memory care building and the welcoming of more residents and amenities on campus, Friendship Haven is also celebrating the introduction of a fresh, new logo to represent the quality living community.

CEO, Julie Thorson, explained some of the decisions that went into choosing the new branding piece. “We feel this new logo is progressive, creative, updated and will be recognizable and memorable. The “H” has a slight pitch in the middle that resembles a roofline. This reminds us all that Friendship Haven is home. It’s not “home-like,” it’s home to those who live and work here. It’s a subtle yet noticeable reminder.”

The new logo graphics were designed in a way that force the viewer to look twice. It causes us to think, “What are we looking at?”  When you look closer, you will see the call letters-FH. There is so much more than meets the eye at Friendship Haven, and we welcome everyone to take a second look at our beautiful campus and living options.

The color green is a slight change as well, symbolizing a new beginning and a fresh start. Friendship Haven’s number one priority in 2017 is to ensure a successful transition to an expanded building. That means more than only opening a new building; we have completely redefined who Friendship Haven is, and this logo is a symbol of that transformation.

We are very excited to unveil Friendship Haven’s new look with you!

To watch CEO, Julie Thorson’s, logo reveal video, visit our Facebook page here.

Posted on March 13, 2017
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