Swept Away in Their Work

Swept Away in Their Work

Many residents and visitors have probably noticed five ladies bustling around, pushing cleaning carts, carrying dusters, or pulling vacuum cleaners down the halls of Friendship Haven. They quietly and quickly move about their tasks, ensuring each nook and cranny of Friendship Haven’s interior is clean as a whistle and welcoming to residents and guests.

These five women are the force behind the housekeeping efforts across campus. Together, Annette Douglas, Cindy Knutson, Lori Murphy, Regina Poe and Veronica Cardenas clean the many neighborhoods of Friendship Haven, such as Kenyon Place, River Ridge, The Gardens and many of the townhomes. The ladies are very flexible on the housekeeping tasks they can offer for the residents depending on their individual needs. When the housekeeper arrives to a campus home, residents have the option to stay or leave while the cleaning takes place. If by chance the resident would like them to come back, the group makes sure to rearrange the schedule to come back at the time most convenient.

In addition to the homes across campus, this hardworking crew can also be found proudly keeping common areas in pristine condition. You may find them pleasantly helping to set up and clean up for many of the great events happening in rooms across campus. While you may never even see them, their work is seen in the memories made at luncheons, family get-togethers, town halls and much more.

The group unites on three different shifts throughout the early morning to late afternoon to achieve their standard of cleanliness. Cindy and Veronica work one shift, Lori another and Regina the late shift, with overlapping times that enable them to all work together during certain points of the day and create friendships along the way. They divide the responsibilities up, making sure rooms are up to par for new residents moving in or those areas requiring special attention.

This diligent team has a very heartwarming relationship with one another. They look after each other and make sure to assist in any one other’s responsibilities and fill in if need be. The ladies rotate on the weekends since they all know how to do each of the jobs, allowing them the ability to work independently while still as a successful team. They all enjoy their jobs at Friendship Haven and look forward to working with each other and the additional staff across campus. But it is the daily job of working and interacting with the residents of Friendship Haven that they all agree truly is the most rewarding.

Posted on December 1, 2017
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