Trilogy Therapy at Friendship Haven is now offering LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). This therapy program benefits those who are currently experiencing minimal to no symptoms, as well as those who are living with significant impact on day to day function. This intensive four-week program is comprised of participants meeting with a therapist for one hour per day, four days a week.

The program is designed to improve function and slow motor deterioration through intensive exercise and patient empowerment. The therapy also increases speech clarity and improves a patient’s confidence. Participants can either choose to focus on LSVT BIG, LSVT LOUD, or both therapies, depending on their needs.

LSVT BIG therapy involves the whole body and is personalized for each person but all built around “Think BIG!” LSVT BIG reteaches participants how normal movement should feel. It helps improve balance, rotation and faster walking with bigger steps for participants with PD. Since the diseases makes it harder to remember to use bigger movements consistently, treatment includes  great deal of repetition and progressive challenges, as well as daily home practice and assignments for using bigger movements in everyday life. Ultimately, LSVT BIG helps improve the mismatch between what you feel you’re doing and what you’re actually doing, making you more confident, comfortable and empowered.

LSVT LOUD therapy is specifically designed to improve voice and speech for those living with PD. Offered by a speech-language pathologist, LSVT LOUD helps participants increase loudness of speech, improve intelligibility while focusing on precise, clear speech sounds. This treatment isn’t teaching you to shout, instead, LSVT LOUD retrains the feedback mismatch that PD often causes. It helps participants develop and become comfortable with a voice that isn’t strained and at a level that is normal to friends and family.

Trilogy Therapy is looking forward to offering this innovative therapy to not only Friendship Haven residents, but the community at-large. If you were recently diagnosed, or know someone who has been, please contact Trilogy Therapy to learn more about this life-changing therapy (515) 573-6912

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