Mission and Vision Fund Internal Grant Recipients

Mission and Vision Fund Internal Grant Recipients

We’re excited to announce our two recipients of the Mission and Vision Fund internal grant for the 2018 second grant cycle.

Congratulations to Kristine Harris/Arbor Lane and Liz Flattery/Wellness Center!

Kristine Harris, Health Information Manager/Activity Director, submitted a grant application outlining the benefits of an enhanced outdoor space, specifically the Arbor Lane patio.  They’ll receive $1,100 to purchase a patio umbrella for shade and furniture for comfortable outdoor seating.  Residents, family members and staff will enjoy more activities and social gatherings on the Arbor Lane patio and share a greater sense of connectedness and renewal in their enhanced outdoor space.

Liz Flattery, Wellness Coordinator, submitted a grant application that piqued interest immediately with a catchy title:  What Is That Smell?  Our wellness team currently teaches 10 yoga classes a week with 30+ yogis stretching, deep breathing, relaxing and  . . . sweating!  Liz made a compelling case for air quality, cleanliness and safety.  Grant funds of $1,000 will be used to refresh our yoga equipment to include new mats, wedges, seated cushions, yoga balls, essential oils and cleaning supplies.  Now yogis will continue their practice of revitalizing the mind, body and spirit in a refreshed, pleasant environment.

Arbor Lane photo above, left to right: Taylor Jordison, Molly Morris, Kristine Harris, Lacy Dencklau, Melissa Grantham, Heather Johnson


Posted on September 21, 2018
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