Meet One of Our HEROES.

Meet One of Our HEROES.

Mary Coleson currently works in our Stone Heights neighborhood as an overnight caregiver. She exemplified what is means to be a hero in our eyes! Her story is not only inspiring but completely selfless. We are so lucky to have someone like Mary on our team. Here is her story…

While talking to her supervisor earlier this fall, Mary revealed that she had not seen her two-year old daughter in a month, even missing her daughter’s birthday. When asked why, Mary explained that while she works her daughter is in the care of her Mary’s mother. While Mary’s daughter, Aubrey, was being watched, Mary’s mother became COVID-19 positive. Since Aubrey was already exposed, Mary and her parents made the decision that Aubrey would quarantine with them so Mary could continue to work at Friendship Haven. While in quarantine, Mary’s dad and brother later tested positive, extending the time Mary went without seeing Aubrey.  

Mary whole-heartedly put our residents first. She knew the residents needed her and she knew Friendship haven needed her. We were completely blown away by Mary’s story and are so proud to honor her as one of our heroes!

Posted on January 7, 2021
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