Independent Living

Independent Living

Current residents enjoying our independent living options offer the following advice: “Don’t wait too long. Come while you can enjoy all that Friendship Haven has to offer. We wish we had moved here sooner.”

Making a move to independent living at either the town homes or Kenyon Place is a great decision that will bring peace of mind to you and your family. Choosing independent living at Friendship Haven is not something that needs to be done, but rather it is a pro-active choice resulting in a plan for your future that makes great sense. You will be relieved of home ownership expenses such as
unexpected repairs and property insurance; plus it is a great opportunity to “right-size” your belongings. The stress of maintaining and eventually selling a home in later years is also removed.

Choosing independent living at Friendship Haven will free you up to pursue those adventures you enjoy today while also giving you security now and in the future.

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