Keeping Up With The Wellness Dimensions: Vocational Wellness

Keeping Up With The Wellness Dimensions: Vocational Wellness

As outlined in the previous few blog posts, all dimensions of wellness have just as much impact as the others, and are all equally important to one’s well-being.

Tomorrow, think about going to a 30 minute exercise class and pull together all the different dimensions. You incorporate the physical wellness of keeping the body moving and social wellness from being around others. Building relationships, intellectual wellness, also keeps the mind engaged while being challenged during those exercises or it can simply be accomplished by having a cup of coffee with a friend after class.

Another dimension of wellness is vocational wellness. Vocational wellness is matching what your interests are with hobbies, employment or volunteer work. It is the ability to get personal fulfilment from our jobs while still maintaining balance in our lives. Everyone experiences a different vocation in different times in their lives.  One might take up a sports team, band or art project during their younger years for their hobbies. Later in life, you may take interest in gardening, biking or by joining a walking group.    

One important interest or hobby that can help all dimensions of wellness is volunteer work. Many put volunteering in the category of vocational wellness. By uncovering your talents and passion – you can express yourself through many different volunteer opportunities. Volunteer work is a great way to stay active and keep the mind body and spirit engaged. You’ll be able to convey your values through your involvement in such activities that are gratifying for you.

Whatever your passion or purpose is, keeping up with the vocational dimension of wellness is very important. Find something you enjoy and pursue it further into a hobby!



Contributed by: Liz Flattery – Wellness Coordinator 

Posted on October 11, 2017
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