Volunteers give priceless gifts to Friendship Haven every day, and they are indeed gifts in and of themselves. Each year more than 10,500 hours of time is donated campus wide.

Many of our residents team up with members of the local community to volunteer at Friendship Haven. By sharing their time, knowledge and energy, they teach, inform, inspire and provide assistance for activities, clubs and services.

We are especially proud of the personal creations in quilting, woodworking, stained glass and other crafts that grace homes and public places throughout our campus.

Like to assist one-on-one? Teach a class, conduct a tour or mentor kids? Help a new business or nonprofit effort? Volunteering has been shown to benefit both giver and recipient, and our volunteer organizations will be happy to match your interest with the perfect person or group.

If you would like to learn more about our volunteer opportunities, please call Steve Ehrhardt at 515-573-6852.


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