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Other current giving options FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE and/or GREATER TAX SAVINGS:

  1. Cash or Check
    • You can deliver cash or a check to:
    • Julie Thorson, President/CEO
      Friendship Haven
      420 Kenyon Road
      Fort Dodge, IA 50501
  2. Appreciated Securities
    • Instead of cash, consider transferring stocks, bonds, or mutual funds (which you have owned for at least one year) to Friendship Haven. You can deduct the full, fair market value of the security, and you avoid capital gains tax on the increase in value. In addition, after giving your security to Friendship Haven, you may choose to buy back an equivalent amount of the security, increasing your “tax basis” in the asset and lessening future capital gains tax exposure. **
  3. Charitable IRA Rollover
    • If you are age 70 ½ or greater and have an Individual Retirement Account, consider directing your IRA custodian to transfer a gift from your account directly to Friendship Haven. This transfer does not subject you to income tax like other withdrawals from your IRA. It is a particularly good technique if you DO NOT ITEMIZE deductions on your tax return. **
  4. Gift of GRAIN
    • If you are involved in agriculture, you might benefit from giving a portion of your harvested grain to Friendship Haven. In general, you deposit the grain with an area cooperative for the benefit of an account established by Friendship Haven. You can write off the costs of producing the gifted grain, and do not have to report its market value as farm income. **
  5. Unproductive Assets
    • You might benefit by giving Friendship Haven all or part of an asset you own that is no longer productive, or has “outlived” the purposes for which you acquired it. Common examples include: real estate, whole life insurance policies, underperforming investments such as CD’s or securities, or personal property such as jewelry or automobiles. In most cases, an income tax deduction for the full fair market value is available. **
  6. The Charitable BARGAIN SALE
    • This technique offers you the opportunity to SELL an asset (perhaps an “unproductive” asset noted above) to Friendship Haven for an amount that is less than the asset’s fair market value.
    • You are eligible for an income tax deduction equal to the difference between the fair market value of the asset and the amount received from Friendship Haven. **

** Please discuss the specifics of these techniques with your professional advisors or with Doug prior to beginning the transaction.

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