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Friendship Haven can now receive donations online!

Friendship Haven can now receive donations to the Mission & Vision Fund, Good Samaritan Fund, and Care Trust Fund through online giving!

Seventy years ago, The Rev. Dr. Clarence Tompkins understood the needs of God’s older children, and he made it his personal mission to make them a better home. We’re thankful that his dream and love for people live on at Friendship Haven today. We’re especially grateful for God’s leading and your generous gifts as we strive to meet the needs of our Friendship Haven family.

You can make a difference in the lives of those who call Friendship Haven home. Please give today!

Mission & Vision Fund

Our mission to offer innovative and responsive services for aging adults is sustained by the Mission and Vision Fund. Gifts to this unrestricted fund maximize our response to ever-changing needs and support our vision of residents and caregivers living full lives with faith, passion and purpose now and in the future.

Good Samaritan Fund

Gifts made to the Good Samaritan Fund provide immediate help to residents in need.  For example, neighborhood companions devote one-on-one time to residents, using loving care to combat loneliness (The Good Samaritan Fund helps fund this companion program.)  The Good Samaritan Fund also provides charitable care to those residents who, through no fault of their own, have outlived their resources for housing and healthcare.

Care Trust Fund

Friendship Haven’s Care Trust Fund is an endowment fund.  Donations to this fund remain unspent while the investment income earned is used for charitable care, covering the monthly contract expenses of living accommodations and resident care for those who have exhausted their resources.

Other current giving options FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE and/or GREATER TAX SAVINGS:

  1. Cash or Check
    • You can deliver cash or a check to:

Jen Lane, Director of Engagement
Friendship Haven
420 Kenyon Road
Fort Dodge, IA 50501

  1. Appreciated Securities
    • Instead of cash, consider transferring stocks, bonds, or mutual funds (which you have owned for at least one year) to Friendship Haven. You can deduct the full, fair market value of the security, and you avoid capital gains tax on the increase in value. In addition, after giving your security to Friendship Haven, you may choose to buy back an equivalent amount of the security, increasing your “tax basis” in the asset and lessening future capital gains tax exposure. **
  2. Charitable IRA Rollover
    • If you are age 70½ or greater and have an Individual Retirement Account, consider directing your IRA custodian to transfer a gift from your account directly to Friendship Haven. This transfer does not subject you to income tax like other withdrawals from your IRA. It is a particularly good technique if you DO NOT ITEMIZE deductions on your tax return. **
  3. Gift of GRAIN
    • If you are involved in agriculture, you might benefit from giving a portion of your harvested grain to Friendship Haven. In general, you deposit the grain with an area cooperative for the benefit of an account established by Friendship Haven. You can write off the costs of producing the gifted grain, and do not have to report its market value as farm income. **
  4. Unproductive Assets
    • You might benefit by giving Friendship Haven all or part of an asset you own that is no longer productive, or has “outlived” the purposes for which you acquired it. Common examples include: real estate, whole life insurance policies, underperforming investments such as CDs or securities, or personal property such as jewelry or automobiles. In most cases, an income tax deduction for the full fair market value is available. **
  5. The Charitable BARGAIN SALE
    • This technique offers you the opportunity to SELL an asset (perhaps an “unproductive” asset noted above) to Friendship Haven for an amount that is less than the asset’s fair market value.
    • You are eligible for an income tax deduction equal to the difference between the fair market value of the asset and the amount received from Friendship Haven. **

** Please discuss the specifics of these techniques with your professional advisors or with Doug Lockin prior to initiating the transaction.

For more information or to set up an appointment please contact:

Jen Lane

Director of Engagement

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