Gift Planning

Planning for the future is all about YOU! Friendship Haven has partnered with Doug Lockin to provide a personalized and professional service — free of charge — to you or a loved one. The goal is to help you create a thoughtful estate plan (or review an existing estate plan) that transfers assets to loved ones in a way that is tailored to fit their individual personalities and needs and identifies capital that may be used to support the nonprofit community.

Important General Questions

  1. What organizations are your favorites? (Those to which you would consider making some type of special gift. YOU get to define “special” gift.)
  2. Regarding any “special gifts” you might make, do you favor lifetime giving, estate giving or a combination of both?
  3. To what extent might you want to involve children (or other family/heirs in your philanthropy?
  4. If today was the day upon which your estate was being distributed, what percentage (or amount) would you direct to charitable causes, and what percentage to children/other heirs?

Typical Gift Planning Examples

Lifetime Giving

  • Appreciated property
  • Unproductive assets
  • Bargain sale
  • IRA “rollover”
  • Endow Iowa funds
  • Donor advised funds
  • Life income gifts

Estate Giving

  • Bridge gifts… flexibility and low cost
    • Will bequests
    • Life insurance beneficiary provisions
    • Qualified plan (IRA, 401k, etc.) beneficiary provisions
  • Life Income Gifts

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