Thank you for considering a gift to Friendship Haven. There are several options for your generosity. You may designate your tax-deductible contribution to be used in one or more of the following funds. Each is designed to meet one of the most pressing needs of Friendship Haven residents. You may also discuss with Jen Lane, Director of Engagement, any idea you have for a gift that helps Friendship Haven residents in another way.

Charitable Funds

Mission & Vision Fund

Our mission to offer innovative and responsive services for aging adults is sustained by the Mission and Vision Fund. Gifts to this unrestricted fund maximize our response to ever-changing needs and support our vision of residents and caregivers living full lives with faith, passion and purpose now and in the future

Good Samaritan Fund*

Gifts made to the Good Samaritan Fund provide immediate help to residents in need.  For example, during this time of pandemic precautions, companions devote one-on-one time to residents, using loving care to combat isolation and loneliness. The Good Samaritan Fund helps fund this companion program. The Good Samaritan Fund also provides charitable care to those residents who, through no fault of their own, have outlived their resources for housing and healthcare.

Care Trust Fund*

Friendship Haven’s Care Trust Fund is an endowment fund. Donations to this fund remain unspent while the investment income earned is used for charitable care, covering the monthly contract expenses of living accommodations and resident care for those who have exhausted their resources.

Arbor Fund

The beautification of our campus is the aim of the Arbor Fund. The “adoption” of trees helps ensure that our surroundings will always remain beautiful and provide the tranquil setting so many of us have always enjoyed. A gift of $300 for an engraved tree marker is a perfect way to honor a loved one with a gift In Memory of or In Honor of. In addition, there are opportunities to support specific outdoor areas like Henrietta’s Garden, Jolin’s Terrace, and the Brighi Memorial Garden. Gifts are always needed to support the ongoing maintenance of these beautiful spaces, as well as the entire campus.

*Both the Care Trust Fund and Good Samaritan Fund provide real peace of mind to our friends here and their families, and all recipients remain confidential.  In 2019 alone, Friendship Haven provided $2.3M in charitable care, while receiving only $230,000 in benevolent care income.  The pressure on these two funds is significant.

Grateful Residents and Families Program

For those who are grateful for the care that they or their loved one has received, the Grateful Residents and Families Program makes it possible to say thank you in a special way. Gifts may be directed to any of the funds mentioned above, and those monies then help ensure that others will be blessed with the same type of caring experience received by grateful residents.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact Jen Lane, Director of Engagement.

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