Friends By Chance, Neighbors By Choice

Friends By Chance, Neighbors By Choice

Childhood Friends Mary Moore and Diane Ferrin Are Now Townhome Neighbors

Growing up in the small town of Moorland, just west of Fort Dodge, there were few kids, and even fewer girls in town, so it was no surprise Diane Ferrin and Mary Moore would become the best of friends at an early age. Through the hands of fate, the changes life brings, and a gap of nearly 40 years, the two ladies have rekindled their very special bond that was started in Moorland those years ago. Friendship Haven has uniquely played as a backdrop to each of their lives in some fashion or another, and now it has made them neighbors once again.

Mary and Diane are so similar in some ways, but they each bring their own flare and personalities to the table. The constant giggles, inside jokes and countless memories fill the room as the two ladies take a trip down memory lane to when their friendship began. Diane begins, “I have fond memories of running around town, playing cowboys and indians; enjoying the simple games we all loved playing.” They remember going to Olsen Park and riding on the train and all the town kids meeting at the Ferrin household to watch the classics on one of the first TV’s in town. Mary enlightens, “Our childhood was simple, yet wonderful!”

When the girls reached the fifth grade, Mary and her family moved into Fort Dodge. As the years went on, their friendship distanced as the girls went to different schools and the trips between towns were rare. Little did they know, their paths would cross throughout the years as fate would eventually bring the two ladies back together, and their friendship stronger than ever.

The first time their paths would cross was in the mid- 1960’s when ironically enough, they both worked at Friendship Haven on different floors in separate jobs.They were under the same roof at the same time and never realized it. Mary washed dishes in the old west building, while Diane served as a nurse’s aide on the fourth floor.

Again a few years passed without much communication between the two. Then, Mary’s mother made preparations to move into Friendship Haven. Prior to moving, she had an auction that Diane attended. It was the first time the girls had really spoken in many years. That was in 2003, and since then, the ladies have rekindled their friendship and made many new memoires together.

In early 2016, Friendship Haven would again play an important role in their friendship. Mary and her husband decided to make the move to a townhome in April of last year after wanting to downsize and having loved the accommodations seen with Mary’s mother. When a neighboring townhome opened up shortly after, Mary knew exactly who to call. After some persuasion, Diane moved into the townhome directly behind Mary in December of 2016.

“It has been such fun becoming neighbors again,” explains Diane. As Diane continues to unpack, they are finding yet another similarity the two women have shared over their lifetime- a love for collecting flamingos. Both ladies have collected flamingo antiques and figurines over the years, not knowing the other did so as well. As a smirk crosses Mary’s face she says, “We like to think it was meant to be!”

Although both Mary and Diane have been busy with a multitude of tasks, they are excited to start participating in a few activities on campus and keep each other on their toes in their new neighborhood! One thing is for certain, there is never a shortage of stories or laughs when the two are together.

Posted on April 18, 2017
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