A Season For Growth

A Season For Growth

Last year, Friendship Haven started a garden space where several residents had plots to plant vegetables. Unfortunately, wildlife in the area discovered the garden and enjoyed the produce instead, leaving the residents very disappointed. This year, thanks to a grant from the Mission and Vision Fund, Friendship Haven will be able to confine the space, so the produce can be enjoyed by those who work so hard to plant and tend to the garden.

The addition of a six-foot fence around the garden will further the mission and vision of Friendship Haven in a few ways. Installing a fence will offer a responsive service for the residents, as many who had plots last year continuously expressed the need for a fence to protect their plants. This fence will also allow the residents to live passionately and purposefully in their garden space. It is always gratifying to see when hard work pays off. Furthermore, it would provide another space for staff and residents to enjoy nature, smells and sounds while recalling memories of personal gardens from years past.

As Iowa’s fertile soil begins to warm up and tractors start to plant crops, it will also be an exciting time for residents as they sow their own seeds. Hopefully, with enough sunshine, adequate rainfall, and the protection of the new garden fence, there will be plentiful produce in the coming months.

Posted on April 17, 2017
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